30 US lawmakers retracted the letter to Biden

Responding to the letter
Responding to the letter

U.S. lawmakers pull back on letter to Boyden over fear calling for ‘Zolo’ initiative policy effort to end Russia-Crane war. Do you think the letter was written to placate hardliners and Moscow—no response to the complaint’s source or idea of ​​the lawmaker’s letter. Al-Jazeera news

The letter was drafted a few months ago in a direct statement from her Progressive Caucus and Democratic lawmaker Pramila Cheek. Earlier in the week, office staff revealed ‘without being well-liked’.

Jaipal said, ‘All wars are ended through diplomacy. This will also be the case after the victory of Ukraine.

Pramila Jaipal said, “Monday’s party letter can be parked with the opposition of Republicans in support of the just defense of the national sovereignty of Ukrainians.” As a result this confusion has come in the way. We hereby revoke the letter.

This woman lawmaker was in Tribhuj Journalist last Monday afternoon. 30 Progressive Lawmakers do Graha Sai. The letter “recommends support for all measures and solutions to be decided upon in the campaign negotiations with Russia to reduce losses”.

But immediately the Democratic and Republican parties—the two opposing letters—began. The number of critics, who are in Washington in support of Kiev, has remained the same. At the same time, the position of the House of Representatives to leave it up to the Uniates to sell it, demanded a deviation from

The letter included prominent progressive lawmakers in the session, Ayana Chaple, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib, Texandria Occio-C, Rokhanna and Barbara Lee.

However, this letter has been criticized by many foreign policy analysts, Democratic Party-analysts, activists and media personalities. Mo has been a ruling leader with progressive Democrats.

Responding to the letter, Democrat Mene Ruben Gallego tweeted, ‘What is the way to end the war? Quick win brother. Can win faster? By arming Ukraine to defeat Russia.

Democrat Maine Sethlton also condemned the letter. He said that any kind from the party in Kiev would be given only to Russian citizen Vladimir Pun.

As a sovereign country, only Ukraine will decide the terms of the talks on the end of the war, commented the Democrat woman lawmaker Elaineria. He said, “Ukraine is fighting to drive out the last aggressors of Russia.” Our commitment to the people of the country and support to the people will remain.

Russia started the last independence in Ukraine. Since then hundreds of billions of US dollars have been contributed to the United States as part of humanitarian and humanitarian aid. Only the bill had the support of lawmakers to pass.


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