An investigation into the poisoning of hundreds of schoolgirls in Iran has begun

schoolgirls in Iran

At least 700 schoolgirls have been gassed in Iran since November last year.

Many people think that this was done to stop girls from going to schoolgirls in Iran .

However, no student died in this incident. But hundreds of students are suffering from shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness and many are suffering from fatigue.

“It is clear that some people want to close all schools, especially girls’ schools,” Iran’s deputy health minister said on Sunday.

He later said that his statement had been hundreds of schoolgirls in Iran.

Iran’s Prosecutor General announced in an announcement last week that he had ordered a criminal investigation into the matter. “From the information available so far, it appears to be a premeditated and criminal act,” he said.

The parents of the students who fell ill due to poisoning demanded an explanation from the authorities.

The first poisoning incident took place on November 30 last year. On that day, 18 students of The Noor Technical School in Kom city had to be taken to the hospital.

Since then, more than 10 other girls’ schools have had similar incidents. schoolgirls in Iran

Last week, at least 194 female students were gassed in four schools in the town of Borujard in the western province of Lorestan.

And on Tuesday, 37 female students of Khayyam Girls’ School in Pardis, near the capital Tehran, were poisoned.

The students who became ill later reported that they smelled like small oranges or rotten fish before they got sick.

The death of a young woman named Mahsa Amini in security custody for not wearing a hijab sparked protests across Iran. Many girls took off their scarves and protested.

In early February, more than a hundred people protested in front of the governor’s office in Kom. The parents of the sick students demanded an explanation from the authorities regarding the use of poisonous gas.

Some parents said their children were sick for weeks as a result of the use of poison gas.

The day after the protest, the government spokesman said that the country’s intelligence agency and the Ministry of Education were trying to find out the cause of the poisoning.

At a press conference on Sunday, Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Younes Panahi said the chemicals used to poison the schoolgirls were “not of military grade and can be bought in the market”.

“The girls do not need any special treatment and it is very important to remain calm in such a situation,” he said.

“It is certain that some people want all schools to be closed” – Dr. Panahi’s comments suggest that the government believes the use of poison gas was planned.


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