Broadcasting of Imran Khan’s speech on Pakistani TV was banned

Imran Khan

Pakistan’s media regulator PEMRA has banned former prime minister Imran Khan’s speech or comments from telecasting on Pakistani television channels.

In a statement, the company said, Mr. Khan is making baseless allegations against state institutions and spreading hate speech.

The move came to light after Imran Khan accused the country’s government of implicating him in a false case.

Earlier today, the country’s police failed in an attempt to arrest Imran Khan.

Mr. Hundreds of Khan’s supporters gathered in front of his house in Lahore to protest against the attempt to arrest him.

A police team was waiting outside his residence in Lahore’s Zaman Park area on Sunday to arrest him. In a tweet message from the Islamabad Police, Mr. An operation is underway with the help of Lahore Police to arrest Khan.

Imran Khan then addressed the party workers at his residence, and thanked the supporters for participating in the anti-government protests on his call. According to the police, Mr. Khan is trying to evade arrest.

Police left without arresting Imran Khan.

Last week, the court issued an arrest warrant against Imran Khan in a case. It is said in the complaint in that case, Mr. Khan did not accurately report the gifts he received from foreign leaders during his tenure as Prime Minister.

Imran Khan described the case as politically motivated.

Imran Khan’s political party Tehreek-e-Insaf warned that the arrest of its leader would seriously worsen the political crisis in Pakistan.

Several cases have been filed against Imran Khan since he was ousted in a parliamentary vote last year. These include allegations of illegal fundraising for his political party and inciting violence against state officials.

Reuters reports that on February 20, Imran Khan was granted bail for two weeks in a case to avoid arrest.

Imran Khan was injured in firing at a protest rally last year. His lawyers had previously cited health and safety reasons for Mr. He tried to prevent Khan from appearing in court in person, but these pleas were rejected by the court.

The Election Commission of Pakistan disqualified Imran Khan from holding public office last year.

He was accused of not properly reporting the gifts he received from foreign leaders and the proceeds from their sale.

Mr. against this decision. Khan filed a case in court.

Imran Khan’s supporters have earlier threatened to launch nationwide protests if he is arrested.