Slaughter Beach, Dog Surprise Releases New Album At the Moonbase: Stream 2020

Releases New Album

Releases New Album The fourth full-length by Modern Baseball’s Jake Ewald, Merry Christmas Eve! Slaughter Beach, Dog, the side-project of Modern Baseball’s Jake Ewald, has surprise released a new album. It’s called At the Moonbase and it’s available to stream below via Apple Music and Spotify. Releases New Album

This is Ewald’s fourth full-length under the Slaughter Beach, Dog moniker. Technically it follows his 2019 album Safe and Also No Fear, but musically this new record is more akin to his 2016 debut Welcome and 2017’s Motorcycle.JPG.

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Written and recorded alone at home and at The Metal Shop, Ewald’s recording studio in East Kensington, At the Moonbase is an exercise in solitary production and solo songwriting, no doubt in part due to the coronavirus pandemic. Across its 11-song tracklist, Ewald dips into slacker rock, expanded arrangements, and melancholic piano. Releases New Album

It’s a rich listening experience that came together organically — or at least that appears to be the case in some of the behind-the-scenes footage Ewald shared. For the past 23 days, he’s been uploading videos of himself fleshing out and rehearsing these songs at home. He’s labeling that footage a Slaughter Beach, Dog advent calendar, and you can check it out at his website. Releases New Album

At the Moonbase is currently available to pre-order as a digital download and as a later physical release. Check out the album artwork and the complete tracklist after the jump.

Releases New Album

At the Moonbase Tracklist: Releases New Album

  • Are You There
  • Do You Understand (What Has Happened to You)
  • My Girl
  • Jonathan
  • Thinking of You
  • A Modern Lay Releases New Album
  • At the Moonbase
  • Fell in Love
  • Song for Oscar’s
  • Van Morrison Releases New Album
  • Notes from a Brief Engagement (At the Boot & Saddle)

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