Tornado Causes Damage In North Texas 2021

Tornado Causes Damage
Tornado Causes Damage

At a Glance

  • There were several reports of tornadoes and hail.
  • Video and photos showed damage on the ground.
  • Twin tornadoes touched down.
Tornado Causes Damage was reported from a tornado near Happy, Texas, Saturday evening.

There were several reports of tornadoes and hail in the Texas Panhandle, where Winter Storm Xylia spawned severe weather.

At least one home was Tornado Causes Damage near Happy, about 35 miles south of Amarillo, according to storm chasers on the scene. The Randall County Sheriff’s Office said power lines were knocked down around the county.

“Power lines and a cell tower are down,” Amarillo Area Emergency Management Director Chad Orton told the Associated Press.

“One house was Tornado Causes Damage but the family was in the basement. There have been no injuries or fatalities.”

Orton said buildings were damaged at Palo Duro State Park. Several recreational vehicles were tipped over and damaged at the Palo Duro zip line, the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post.

tornado causes damage in north texas,

Twin tornadoes were captured on video side by side about 20 miles south of Amarillo.

A photo posted to social media showed what appeared to be a tractor-trailer on its side in the same general area on Interstate 27.

At least five tornadoes had touched down in Texas as of Saturday evening.

The severe weather is on the warm side of the winter storm, which threatens to dump snow on parts of Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. The storm has prompted officials to advise residents to hunker down at home. Interstates could be shut down, and more than 2,000 flights have been canceled at Denver International Airport.

Parts of Texas were also hit by storms Friday night, including rain and high winds. There were reports of at least three tornadoes near Lubbock, but no major Tornado Causes Damage or injuries. The weather left thousands of homes and businesses without power.

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